About: Fundamental Principles of DeBusk Training


Intuitive Eating and Body Positivity


Oh y’all…this Texas girl could pass an afternoon talking on a porch swing and only scratch the surface of how intuitive eating has changed my relationship with food. 

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a diet/meal plan/lifestyle change and wanted to pull your hair out and just find a way to eat like a normal person, intuitive eating is your answer. If you’ve ever tried a diet to find success and then have the weight creep back up again, intuitive eating is your answer. If you’ve got more calorie counts rolling around in your head taking up valuable space, intuitive eating is your answer. If you have trigger foods you don’t want in your house because you can’t seem to not eat too much, intuitive eating is your answer. I will be pursuing an intuitive eating certification or possibly extensive continuing education so I can continue to learn about this field, and I would love to come alongside my clients and help them to find diet freedom. In the meantime, though, I want to take any and all clients on a journey to finding peace with food by going through several books and websites I’ve found to be worth their weight in gold.

Body positivity is simply learning to love and appreciate your body for what it can do. It’s fundamental to making fitness a part of a well-balanced life, and it’s one of the main principles behind self-care. Again, I won’t get all mushy and emotional with you, but I will tell you that I believe you are worthy and deserving of self-respect. 


Fitness as Self-Care


By placing fitness under the umbrella of self-care rather than limiting it strictly to gym time or an aesthetic focus, we can broaden the view of what it means to be healthy. This ultimately allows for fitness becoming a sustainable lifestyle rather than something to abandon once a goal is reached.

I strive for my clients to find intrinsic motivation for exercise. Forget working out just for weight loss or to erase a weekend of junk food—this is a short-term way of thinking solution that won’t carry us through once goals are reached. Looking at fitness as more than a hard hour on a cardio machine but as something to fuel your soul and move your body each day will lead to a life time of health. 


Providing Empowerment


I want each one of my clients to leave DeBusk Training with the knowledge and tools to succeed independently. I would love to teach you how to put together a full body workout to do in your living room, in a gym or at the park. There are so many different ways to move and strengthen your body, and the environment is rarely prohibitive if you’ve got a little creativity and some basic fitness knowledge up your sleeve. I will always be around to cheer you on and provide additional support as needed, but I want my clients to have the confidence to maintain their fitness well after they’ve finished with me.